Earlier this year Flinders Island Aviation Services proudly supported the Save the Tasmanian Devils Program in their quest to translocate healthy, vaccinated Tasmanian Devils from Maria Island to Musselroe. Today the Manager of the Save the Devils Program, Dr David Pemberton announced the “persistence” or survival of all of the relocated Devils some three months on.
Flinders Island Aviation Services has been supporting this important program for some years.

Our team assisted in moving the first healthy devils from Victoria to Maria Island when the Maria Island sanctuary opened. As it turns out, the devils we relocated earlier this year are direct descendants of the devils we initially transported to Maria Island.

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is conducting ongoing research and development of a vaccine to prevent the facial tumour disease that currently threatens the survival of Devils in the wild. The program is also the leading fundraiser for Tasmanian Devil research and protection and would welcome any support you may be able to offer. Details are available on their website tassiedevils.com.au