The team at Flinders Island Aviation is sad to say we have reached the end of an Era. Last Wednesday, Flinders Island Aviation pilot Zack delivered our beloved Cessna 206 MRK to Moorabbin in preparation to be delivered to a potential new owner.

MRK is the longest serving member of the Flinders Island Aviation team and represents the evolution of this business over the last 20 years. MRK was brought to Flinders Island by Hugh Sinclair back in the days of Sinclair Air Charter, and later acquired by Gordon Rorison when he purchased Sinclair Air Charter in 2004. Gordon retained ownership of MRK when he sold Sinclair Air Charter/Flinders Island Aviation Services to Peter Barron in 2015.

The trusty 206 has remained a reliable workhorse for the team. However, the time has come for Gordon to pass ownership of the aircraft on to a new owner.

MRK carried thousands of passengers in its time flying in the Furneaux Group and was the favourite aeroplane of many of our regulars travellers. We hope our beloved Cessna finds a good home and continues to deliver passengers safely to their destination in style.

Farewell “Mike Romeo Kilo”, from the team at Flinders Island Aviation.